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【 Renuzit 】 リナジット エアーフレッシュナー 芳香剤 198g / 7.0oz



Renuzit Gel Air Freshener ( リナジット ジェル エアフレッシュナー ) 7.0oz /198g



● Forever Raspberry / フォーエバーラズベリー :Like a basket full of fresh-picked raspberries.

● After The Rain / アフターザレイン : Take a deep breath and dance in the puddles of a spring rain.

● Vanilla Apricot Blossom & Almond / バニラ アプリコット ブロッサム & アーモンド:Make every room of your home sweet and homey for your family and friends with the Scent Swirl combination in the Vanilla, Apricot Blossom and Almond.

● Blissful Apple & Cinnamon / ブリスフル アップル&シナモン:Reminisce on cozy fall nights with the delightfully warm blend of red apples, cinnamon and clove.

● Wild Flower Dream / ワイルドフラワードリーム:Transform your home into an airy alpine meadow of jasmine, violet, and orange flower.

● Hawaiian Oasis / ハワイアンオアシス:Close your eyes and enjoy a fragrant cocktail of pineapple and coconut.

● Tahitian Breeze / タヒチアンブリーズ:Sit back and relax while enjoying the notes of juicy pineapple, luscious lavender, fresh coconut and sweet passionfruit.

● Pure Ocean Breeze / ピュア オーシャンブリーズ:Breathe in the gently swirling ocean waves that bring purity and freshness to a day at the beach.

● Pure Breeze Pet / ピュアブリーズ ペット:The purity of Lily of the Valley and jasmine buds mingle with the clean crispness of apple, pearl and cucumber for a classic scent that works well in any home and any season.

● Snuggle SuperFresh Original / スナッグル スーパーフレッシュ オリジナル: Dash away stink and welcome in snuggly freshness with scents of clean laundry and bright floral notes.

● Snuggle SuperFresh Spring Burst / スナッグル スーパーフレッシュ スプリングバースト:Dash away stink and welcome in snuggly freshness with scents of warm florals, sweet fruits, and earthy notes for added depth.

● Snuggle Linen Escape / スナッグル リネンエスケープ: Inviting scents of clean laundry and fresh floral notes.

● Hawaiian Sunset / ハワイアンサンセット: Feel the warm relaxation of a tropical Hawaiian Sunset while lounging in a lush paradise of hibiscus, pineapple and mango.

● Lovely Lavender / ラブリーラベンダー:A tranquil escape to breathe in the relaxing aromas.